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#RYM- Rhema Youth Ministry

RYM exists to encourage the youth to build a strong Christian foundation that empowers and equips them to discern their place in God’s kingdom. Rhema, the faithful church youth ministry. The home of Disco Pazaz!

Youth Ministry -RYM

About Rhema Youth Ministry #RYM

Rhema Youth Ministry abbreviated as RYM is a branch of Rhema, the faithful church dedicated to youth programs and outreach. Our mission has been to bring the youth to Christ by showing them there are ways to have fun in the Kingdom of God.

Youth Ministry -RYM
Youth Ministry -RYM

Our vision bearer, Prophetess Trizah has been on the forefront of this agenda by empowering the youth through Stewardship Seminars and youth events such as Disco Pazaz.

Disco Pazaz

A bi-monthly youth party with the mission of bringing the youth closer to Jesus through dance. We are bringing the things of the world and putting a ‘Jesus’ spin to it so that the youth can be young and hype for Jesus.

Kibabe na Yesu – Swahili for undisputed in Christ

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