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Three types of storms God brings into your life


What type of storm are you facing? Don't give up and get mad at God.Maybe He is trying to redirect your path or test your faith or free you from bondage.God has plans for your life check Jeremiah 29 verse 11

The storm of redirection.

Sometimes you may find yourself in a storm, a difficult position or situation that will move you away from the goal you were pursuing and you are forced to take a completely different path. When this happens, often times we may be confused and have more questions than answers but I tel you friends, rejoice for God has looked at the path you were heading and favored you enough to remove you from the danger you were going to face but could not see.

So God allows a storm to happen so that you can change your direction and set sail in a new path. A good example though metaphorically, would be the story of Jonah. He tried to do the opposite of God’s word boarded a ship to run away but God brought a violent storm to the ship and he was thrown overboard and swallowed by a giant fish.All this was done to redirect his path.

The storm to check your faith.

You may be in the right path and did not do anything wrong but a storm can still come into your life unexpectedly. This type of storm comes to check your faith and see who you call on when danger comes into your life. Do you curse God and say why me? Or do you get down on your knees and pray to Him to save you?

An excellent case study would be the story of Job, he had everything and was on the right path with God but he faced a storm when he lost everything as a test to see how strong his faith was and he remained strong and believed. In the end, God was pleased with his unconditional faith and restored his riches ten times to what he had before.

The storm to release you from your situation.

Imagine being in a situation whereby you literally have no way of getting out of it. The break through is there but,men and obstacles are preventing you from elevating your self to another level and keeping you grounded.Well that’s when God steps in and brings a storm which disrupts everything around you and your situation to release you by breaking all the barriers which were hindering you but you couldn’t move yourself.

An excellent example of this is the story of Paul and the ship wreck in Acts 27 (whole chapter). Here we discover Paul and the other prisoners were in bondage and being transported to another city but the Lord allowed a storm to hit the ship and everyone on board including the centurion in charge had feared for the lives but Paul through the instructions of the angel of God told them they will all survive if they do as he said.The centurion who was in charge now took orders from Paul who was a prisoner at the time, and when they reached Malta alive and in one peace, he knew he owed his life to Paul and his God and the centurion kept his word and released all the prisoners when they got to shore. .

End piece
What type of storm are you facing? Don’t give up and get mad at God.Maybe He is trying to redirect your path or test your faith or free you from bondage.God has plans for your life check Jeremiah 29 verse 11

Prophetess Trizah

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