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Guidlines to personal prayer


  1. Schedule a daily time for prayer.
  2. Prepare a set-apart place where you will pray on a daily basis. A place free from distractions.
  3. Take water with you into your prayer time.
  4. Take your Bible with you into your prayer time. Bible reading may be included either before or after prayer. As you are praying, you may also need your Bible for those moments when the Holy Spirit will draw your thoughts to particular passages.
  5. Take a journal and notepad with you into your prayer time. The journal is for writing down reflections and insights the Lord may impress upon you. It is also a good place to keep your prayer list and to record testimonies of answered prayer. The notepad is for jotting down distracting thoughts of things you need to do. By jotting them down, you can postpone those thoughts for later. Silence and put aside your electronic devices.
  6. You may want to take communion elements (grape juice and bread) with you into your prayer time. To assist with staying focused in prayer, try changing postures.
  7. You may want to sit, kneel or pace. If you are in a time of soaking prayer, you can lie down. Consider playing recorded instrumental music while you are praying. While music with appropriate lyrics can be helpful, at times it may carry your thoughts in the direction of the words and become a distraction to your praying.
  8. Make yourself aware of God’s presence by turning your affections toward Him. “Soak” in His presence, and meditate on His goodness. Start your praying with thanksgiving, adoration, worship and praise.
  9. Pray for yourself and your own household. Pray for others. End your praying with thanksgiving, adoration, worship and praise.

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